My mission is to help you write and illustrate your own picture books. I’ll give you the tools to get started.

Anyone can tell stories.

We’re all born storytellers.

These classes are for anyone who wants to get better at storytelling.

Learning by doing is the best way to make picture books. So I’ve put together this self-guided course to help you make pictures books that will keep children’s interest and entertain them for years.

Becoming a published author

Writing is hard. It took me 15 years to get my first children’s book out. However, I’ve discovered ways to minimize the way I work. I’ve been researching many ways to tell stories. I’ve found that people with filmmaking backgrounds have done well as children’s book authors. So I’ll share my process of making picture books using filmmaking methods.

Over the years, I’ve built this system that works for me and for those I’ve consulted. And I’m 100% positive it’ll work for you or your money back. No questions asked, and you can keep all the course materials.

I’ll help you become an author in a few months, not years.

3 Main Goals

  • Help you write and illustrate your picture books using filmmaking methods
  • Show you how to solve specific story problems
  • Let’s you go at your own pace

What you’ll learn


  1. Crafting words — How to make stories appeal to children
  2. Picture Writing — Write words that illicit pictures in reader’s minds
  3. Why we love stories — Learn the science of story
  4. Story structure — Lay the foundation to make a solid story
  5. Eight Essential Events — Use this template to plan the events in your story
  6. Outlining — Prepping before the writing
  7. Writing tools — What I use to write with
  8. Manuscript format — Get manuscript ready for editors and publishers


  1. Visual storytelling — Telling stories with pictures.
  2. Composition — Ways to layout pages to tell the best story
  3. Illustration styles — Pick which one is best for the story
  4. Illustrating from words — Use manuscript details to create a scene
  5. How to use Procreate — Make an entire picture book with this low-cost app
  6. Book anatomy — What are all the parts of a picture book
  7. Graphic design principles — Learn the basics of typography and visual design
  8. Working with printer — Get files ready for printing

What’s in the freebies

  • Free chapters on writing exciting stories for children ages 4-8
  • Free chapters on basic perspective drawings and staging a scene
  • Print templates for sending off to the printers or print on demand shops
  • Thumbnail templates for planning out your book page by page
  • Character builder templates for helping you design characters
  • Procreate Brushes for making textures and children’s book style artwork

The freebies are all you need to make a children’s book, but buy the courses if you want more in-depth knowledge on creating picture books and beyond. I look forward to seeing your progress and reading your books! Please reach out if you have any questions.

People who’ve brought me on their journey

When my son wrote a children’s book we were at a lost when it came to getting it from the initial stage to having it published in two month. Nor went above and beyond... I highly recommend Nor for anyone who wishes to have their book come to life.

Kaisy SaengpengMom of Author

I knew Nor’s endearing illustrations would be the perfect fit for my children’s book Mommy Eats Fired Grasshoppers. His delightful art and attention to detail truly breathe life into the book. I am very impressed with the whole process from manuscript to book.

Vilayvanh BenderAuthor “Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers”

Nor has provided me with excellent guidance on how to structure my story for a children's book. His advice has guided me through the process of fine tuning my audience, developing my story, and planning for the structural layout of the book. His feedback has been valuable throughout this entire journey.

Christie Keo JacksonElementary School Teacher

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